Bambarakanda Falls – The Highest Waterfall in Sri Lanka

Hi all! Hope you are doing well. I recently got a chance to visit hill country. Today I’m going bring a place I covered in that tour. It is Bambarakanda Falls. There is a speciality of this waterfall, it is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Bambarakanda Falls is situated in Kalupahana, in Badulla District.

Bambarakanda Falls

Having said that it is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, it has a height of 263m (863 ft). According to Wikipedia, it is the 299th highest waterfall in the world. It is really a beautiful sight to see a considerably large stream of falling from that much of height. But the sad thing is, when the time we visited the water stream was very small due to dry weather.:(

How to Reach…?

To reach Bambarakanda Falls, you have to ride about 7km off from the A4 highway (Colombo – Batticaloa), turning from Kalupahana Junction. Refer the map below to see the exact route.

The falls can also be reached from Ohiya side via Devil’s Stairs. But that is more of a hardcore off road ride that requires powerful 4WD vehicles (not to mention that it is an amazing experience as I have heard). But the road I have given you on the map is even accessible by vehicles with low ground clearance. You will find a little corner to park the vehicles close to the waterfall.

View of Bambarakanda Falls from road
This is how it is seen from the road.

From there you have to walk a bit to reach the Bambarakanda Falls.

Bambarakanda falls

View of Bambarakanda Falls from far

You have to walk through a hilly forest to reach the falls (basically a Pine forest). It is obviously a nice experience too.

On the way to Bambarakanda falls



Bambarakanda Falls
Yeah! Now we are so close to the falls…
The highest waterfall in Sri Lanka
Here we are…

The highest waterfall in Sri Lanka

The most amazing thing about Bambarakanda Falls is the natural pool beneath it. It is a wonderful and safe place to have a nice and cold bath.

Bambarakanda Falls
The natural pool below the waterfall

Water is really cold though, but so refreshing.

There is a platform built also to observe the waterfall. Overall, visiting the waterfall and having a bath is really a wonderful experience.

Check the below video also.

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Bambarakanda Falls

So, that’s about the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. You should consider visiting this place if you get any chance. If you have any queries or if you need more information, just leave a comment below. See you in the next article, I’ll bring you to the hill country again, more specifically, to Kandy.

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