Dehiwala Zoo – National Zoological Garden of Sri Lanka

Hi all, hope you are doing well. Today I’m going to show you another attraction close to the country’s capital. That is the National Zoological Garden of Sri Lanka, in short, Dehiwala Zoo (‘Dehiwala’ is the town where it is situated). The facility is managed and maintained by the Department of National Zoological Gardens.

I happened to visit there recently with my camera. So today I’m going to share the images I captured there, with you. Today I don’t have much to talk. You all know what you will get to see in the zoo. In Dehiwala Zoo you will meet both locally found animals and those who aren’t locally found. There are mammals, birds, Butterflies, reptiles, fish etc.

Large Herons at Entrance of Dehiwala Zoo

These long legged and long necked Herons can be seen right at the entrance. The amazing thing is, there is no cage around them, but they don’t leave.


Map of Dehiwala Zoo

Here is the map of the zoo. I recommend to refer it before starting the journey. It will help you to manage your route.



It was very hard to catch this guy in the frame.


Colorful Macaws at Dehiwala Zoo

There are two bird enclosures in Dehiwala Zoo. This Beautiful Macaw spotted in one of them. There are lots more of them there.


Posing Parrot

This funny parrot literally posed to the camera.:D


A Cockatoo is eating a Corn

Caught this interesting scene in the same enclosure as above. A Cockatoo was eating a Maize (Corn) holding by one of his legs (or hands). I have never seen anything like this before.


White Geese couple

There is a pond dedicated to Geese.


A sleeping Otter at Zoo

He doesn’t care anyone around, he is just sleeping.

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But the below ones are totally different. They are showing off very much.:D (The videos posted here is captured by a smartphone camera in an earlier day. So please don’t mind the quality.)

(All these videos are uploaded to my ‘Explore Sri Lanka YouTube Channel‘.)


African Bear at Dehiwala Zoo

This one was also walking very fast. Took a number of shots to capture him. This one is also little bit blurred.

See the below video from a different angle.


Bird enclosure

Oh snap! He caught me shooting him. He is angry I guess.:D This one is taken at the second bird enclosure.


Tigers at Dehiwala Zoo

On my recent visit I saw that they are transferred to another cage temporarily. Couldn’t capture them properly due the glass around the cage.


A Baboon in a cage

This one made me really sad. Seems like he really needs to go out of that cage.


African Elephants at Dehiwala Zoo

Among other Elephants there is a different one. He is an African Elephant, you won’t see them in Sri Lankan jungles.


A sleeping monkey

This guy was sleeping on wooden attic without any hesitation.


a herd of deers eating

A set of Deers eating


Orangutan on a wooden attic

An Orangutan on a wooden attic


Herd of Barking Deers

His horns are gorgeous right? Their name is Greater Kudu.


scale for giraffes

Saw an interesting thing there. There is a height scale for Giraffes in their cage. Yeah, he is 12 feet tall!


A man caressing a Mule's head

This is the saddest thing I saw in Dehiwala Zoo. This Mule looked so sad, and he desperately needed people to caress him. When someone goes close to the cage, he puts his head out through the bars to be caressed.


Zebra's at Dehiwala Zoo

These Zebras were eating and they have positioned into nice pattern.

All the images are not shown here. Please visit the Gallery below to see the complete set of images.

Image Gallery Banner


There are more…

So sorry that I couldn’t cover the whole zoo this time. There are a lot more animals there, Lions, Horses, Reptiles, Butterflies, Sloth Bear, Chimpanzees, etc. Further, there is a large aquarium also.

Please don’t get me wrong though that I accept the animal captivity. They don’t deserve to be caged in any form.

Here is the link to the web page of Dehiwala Zoo from the website of the governing body, Department of National Zoological Gardens.

So you had a journey through Dehiwala Zoo with me. Again, make sure you visit image gallery for complete set of images. See you in the next post.

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  • 29/03/2017 at 8:20 PM

    Check the below video of a dancing sloth bear at Dehiwala Zoo also.


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