Seema Malaka – Gangaramaya Temple

Hi all, hope you are doing well. One of the most frequently asked questions by foreign travellers who are in Sri Lanka and who are about to come to Sri Lanka is, what are the things to do in Colombo or what are the places to visit in Colombo. Because, a lot of travellers tend to spend their first day in Sri Lanka or last day Sri Lanka, in Colombo. Today, I’m going to give you a little hint of a such place to pay a visit in Colombo city. That is Seema Malaka of Gangaramaya Temple.

Gangaramaya temple's Seema Malakaya

You can’t omit Colombo when travelling in Sri Lanka thinking that there is nothing to see in this really crowded and busy city. There are lot places in Colombo to visit, such as, Beddagana Wetland Park, Diyatha Uyana, Bellanwila Park, Dehiwala Zoo, A street of art, Galle Face Beach, National Museum, Independence Squire, Old Dutch Hospital, Beira Lake etc. Seema Malaka of Gangaramaya Temple, which we are covering today, also has to be included in this list.

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Be noted that, I’m not going to label this place as a place you must visit in Colombo, since there are not a lot of things to see. But anyhow, it is a beautiful place situated on the Beira Lake. So, if you are roaming around Colombo city, as most foreign travellers do, you can visit the Beira Lake and the Seema Malakaya of Gangaramaya Temple.

Entrance of Seema Malakaya
Entrance of Seema Malaka

Gangaramaya temple's Seema Malakaya

I guess even a lot of locals haven’t got any idea about this place. They just walk or travel passing it by and never visit it.

What is Actually the ‘Seema Malaka’?

You might have already decided that this place is an ordinary temple. But it is not, this place is specifically built for meditation. It has a large hall (the main building) to facilitate meditators. But it does not mean that you are not allowed to worship here.

inside the Seema Malakaya
Inside the main hall

As I have already mentioned Seema Malaka is a part of the Gangaramaya Temple which is situated very close this. This is built on the lake and connected to the land by a bridge. According to Wikipedia Seema Malaka has designed by the famous Sr Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. Refer Wikipedia for more details of this place.

Gangaramaya temple's Seema Malakaya

Seema Malakaya

How to Reach…?

Refer the map below for the exact location of the place.

Seema Malaka Statue

It was noticed that the place is being further developed at the moment.

Seema Malakaya

Gangaramaya Temple

Gangaramaya Temple itself is also a place to visit in Colombo, which will be covered by me soon. It is a large and one of the most important temples in Colombo. It is a mix of cultural and modern architecture. So if you are hoping to visit Seema Malaka, consider visiting Gangaramaya Temple also.

I guess I have given you a little tip.:) Please do ask if you have further questions. Just leave a comment below. See you in the next article.

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