One of Inevitable Places to Visit in Sri Lanka – Gregory Lake Park

Hi guys, I’m here with my first article. I guess you have read the ‘About Me’ page and have an idea of me and what my I am doing. So let’s start the tour to Explore Sri Lanka. In my first post I would like to talk about very special park situated in Nuwara Eliya, Gregory Lake Park. If you are wondering, what are the places to visit in Sri Lanka, put Nuwara Eliya on top of your list. Nuwara Eliya is one of most attracted destinations in Sri Lanka for both local and foreign travellers. And Gregory Lake and Park are the heart of Nuwara Eliya.

One of Inevitable Places to Visit in Sri Lanka - A nice view of Gregory Lake Park

How to Reach

Gregory Park is situated around 1km away from Nuwara Eliya Town on Badulla Road.

An Inevitable Place to Visit in Sri Lanka

By the side of the Gregory Park is the Gregory Lake. These two create an amazing experience for visitors. The mountain range behind the lake make it more and more beautiful.

Mountain Range Behind the Gregory Lake
Mountain Range Behind the Lake

The park is well built and well maintained. Although the park is built, it doesn’t feel like that much. The well grown green grass makes it look so natural and beautiful. Footpaths have been created to walk along the park. Flowers can be seen everywhere in the park. Flower fences and garden lamps create a unique experience. If you want to sit and watch the lake, there are a number of benches.

Nicely created footpaths of Gregory Lake Park

Nicely created footpaths of Gregory Lake Park

Garden Lamps by sides of foot paths

The Mist

But above all, the thing I like most about the park is roaming around in the mist. The mist comes and goes very fast. In one second the park is in broad daylight, in the next 10 seconds, it is totally covered in mist. It is definitely a marvellous feeling walking around the park in mist. I enjoyed it very much, guess you will also.

Gregory Lake Park covered in mist - One of Inevitable Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Covered in mist

A father and son walk in the mist

Gregory Lake Park covered in mist

Set of garden benches in the park - One of Inevitable Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Things to Do

When you go there, the only thing you can do is not enjoying the beauty of the park. There are a number of activities you can participate.

Riding a Swan Boat

Swan boats are very common in Sri Lanka these days. In Gregory Lake also you find swan boats. Of course you know that it is a very exciting experience for kids and very romantic experience for couples.;)

Riding a Jet Ski

Wow, this is something. Even though Jet Skies are very common thing in lot of countries, in Sri Lanka it is still a new concept. But you will find them in Gregory Lake. Sadly I couldn’t take a ride, but I will for sure next time. You can’t ride one on your own, instead, there are drivers and two passengers can get on-board per Jet Ski. Sounds like boring? Not at all, those drivers give the maximum thrill. Even by looking at it, I could feel the thrill.

Taking a Ride on the Huge Boat

This huge boat an eye catcher in Gregory Park. You can take a very majestic tour around the lake in this boat.

Picture of large boat at Gregory Lake
Large Boat at Gregory Lake

Riding a Horse

Same as elsewhere in Nuwara Eliya town you can ride a horse there.

Taking Pictures with Disney Characters

This is a newly added item. There are several statues of Disney cartoon characters placed there. Many people find it funny to take pictures with them.

Having Photo shoot with Professional Photographer

When we were walking there, a man with a DSLR camera came near us and ask whether we want to have some quality stills captured, while showing some well taken photos. I found this funny at first, but actually it makes sense. It may be a good idea to hire a professional photographer to take some quality pictures of your whole family closed to nature. That way it will be a long lasting memory.

Feeding Fish

On my last visit I saw a disturbing and upsetting scene. A man has cornered some fish into a little area and he is selling people food for fish. I was very angry and shocked by the scene. Anyway, you can feed those poor fish and reduce their hunger.

So that’s about Gregory Park. Personally, I found this place relaxing and enjoyable. I’m pretty sure you also will. If you are planning to visit Nuwara Eliya, make sure to book your accommodation early. Because, in most of the months of the year, there is a very high demand for accommodations at Nuwara Eliya.

Flower fences at Gregory Lake Park - One of Inevitable Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

As I mentioned earlier also, I would like to focus more on ‘Places to Visit in Sri Lanka’ in this website. So if you are interested in that matter, I would suggest you to stay tuned with ‘Explore Sri Lanka’.

If you have anything to add here, please do mention in comments. And if you have any doubt or if you need any more information, let me know, please leave a comment below. So see you in the next post.












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  • 13/11/2016 at 1:04 PM

    I have been there two times, it is really a marvelous place.

    • 22/11/2016 at 9:18 PM

      I was with you one time.:) Love this place very much.


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