About Us

Explore Sri Lanka LogoHi everyone! I am Dinuka from Sri Lanka. Here in this website, named ‘Explore Sri Lanka’, I’m trying to give you a comprehensive picture of Sri Lanka in several aspects. My primary focus would be ‘places to visit in Sri Lanka’, such as natural attractions or any other form of tourist attractions. I am more than happy to share images, videos and valuable information of amazing places in Sri Lanka.

So the readers can have a better idea of places to visit in Sri Lanka. It will be mostly useful for travellers who come from outside of the country, because they may not be well aware of the country. But I’m pretty sure that even locals can get much from this website.

And I would not be limited to natural attractions or tourist attractions of Sri Lanka. I would talk about culture and lifestyle of Sri Lanka too. Because it will be very interesting since Sri Lanka has a sound cultural background and traditions.

My Self

If I introduce myself, I am a person who like to travel a lot, mostly with my friends. My friends and I frequently arrange vacations and travel around the country. Also I love photography very much (I have a Nikon D7200, which is a mid range DSLR camera). These two interests of me, travelling and photography, lead me to create this website.

I like to share images and videos of amazing places I visit in Sri Lanka. That is the ultimate purpose of this website, Explore Sri Lanka. But as I mentioned before also, I would not be limited to that.

Please be noted that all images and videos which will be published on this website, are my own images and videos, except for the category ‘Help Sri Lanka’. Please excuse about the quality of pictures and videos of first few posts. They are taken from smartphone cameras, hence they are not very high in quality.

So, I think now you have a clear idea of this website, me and what you will get out of this website. Hope you will enjoy my website and hope to see you around always.


Dinuka (Founder of ‘Explore Sri Lanka’)

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