Ramboda Falls – One of a Kind

Among the hundreds of waterfalls, Ramboda Falls is one of the tallest and most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. It is the 11th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka having a height of 109m. This beautiful cascade is situated in Pussellawa, Nuwara Eliya.

Ramboda Falls is situated on the Pussellawa – Nuwara Eliya (A5) road close to Ramboda Tunnel. But please be noted that the small waterfall that can be seen from the road is not the real Ramboda Falls. It is the much smaller middle part of the falls. Ramboda Falls is actually consisting of three parts. The middle part is is situated right on a side of the main road. The upper part and the bottom parts are situated on the two sides of the road.

Middle Part of the Falls

Upper Part of the Ramboda Falls

Reaching the upper part of the falls is kind of a hike. You will have to climb up the hill starting from the main road to reach there. There are about 600 to 700 metres from the road to the falls. Plus the slope of the hill is so steep. In some parts there are stairs and in some parts, you may have to jump from rock to rock.

On the Way to the Falls
On the Way to the Falls

But once you reach the falls, the effort is totally worth it. The sight is really beautiful and interesting.

Ramboda Falls
Ramboda Falls

This is said to be more beautiful in the rainy season for obvious reasons.

Despite having to have a long walk into the woods, the upper part of the Ramboda Falls is situated in a large open area (but of course there are rocks everywhere). You need to be careful while walking on the rocks since many of them are slippery.

Ramboda Falls

A Tiered Waterfall

The important thing about the Ramboda Falls (upper part) is, it is actually a twin waterfall emerging from ‘two separate streams’ and they merge into one stream in Y shape. According to my knowledge, this is only such kind of place in Sri Lanka.

Mini Falls Around Ramboda Falls
Smaller Waterfall
Mini Falls Around Ramboda Falls

This smaller falls said to be relatively easily gets dried up while the main falls does not. There is a natural pool at the bottom of the main falls. But be cautious if you are going to bath there since in the rainy season the water level could be high.

Ramboda Falls and the Pool Below

But in the middle part of the waterfall, there are several spots for bathing. They can be found on the way to the upper falls.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t witness the bottom part of the falls. You have to walk down the hill from the road reach the bottom part of the Ramboda Falls. That area is called the Ramboda Basin. The bottom part of the waterfall is also said to be so beautiful. If you ever visit the place, make sure to visit all the parts of the waterfall.

Kotmale Reservoir and Mahaweli Maha Seya can also be seen from the road by Ramboda Falls.

Kotmale Reservoir
Partially Dried Up Kotmale Reservoir
Mahaweli Maha Seya
Mahaweli Maha Seya

How to reach?

If I have convinced you to visit Ramboda Falls, here is the exact location.

That is about Ramboda Falls. If you anything to get clarified, please leave a comment below.

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