Dondra Lighthouse – A Beautiful Landmark

Hi guys, hope you are doing well. All the last few articles I posted, were not about our main focus of this blog. Today, let’s get back to our main focus, let’s talk about a place to visit in Sri Lanka. ‘Dondra Lighthouse’ is an enormous landmark in Southern Province. Its height, aesthetic beauty and the prestigious look make it a very special place.

Dondra Lighthouse

This lighthouse is situated in Dondra, Matara District. There is no any specific name for this and it is generally called Dondra Lighthouse. It is the highest lighthouse in Sri Lanka with a 47m height. Dondra Lighthouse is absolutely a beautiful sight. It stands alone and tall on the Southmost beach of Sri Lanka. It is maintained by Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

Dondra Lighthouse
View from the entrance of Lighthouse premises.

According to Wikipedia, the construction of the facility has been commenced in 1887 and finished in 1890 (when Sri Lanka was a British Colony). It has been designed by Sir James Nicholas Douglass. For more details visit Wikipedia.

Lighthouse in Dondra

Lighthouse in Dondra

I recently visited there after hearing a false news that the Lighthouse is open for the general public. Of course the Lighthouse premises is open for public, but entering into the Lighthouse building and going up to the top is prohibited. There were rumors that now it is allowed to go up to the top. So I went there, only to know that it is still prohibited.:(

There was a time the Lighthouse is open for public and I have gone to the top only once, when was a kid. The sight was breathtaking as it supposed to be.

Sad Notice
The Sad Notice

But still you can enjoy the beauty of the Lighthouse and the surround without any disturbance.

Lighthouse in Dondra
A full view from a side

According to Wikipedia, there are 25 Lighthouses altogether and majority of them are being active. Dondra Lighthouse plays a very important role since it is at the southmost beach of the island. It is said to be functioning as an international Lighthouse also.

Dondra Lighthouse
You can see that there are a lot of equipments on top of the Dondra Lighthouse, such as a radar, a wind indicator etc.

Not only the Lighthouse, the beach is also beautiful there. Unlike a normal beach, you will find lots of types of sea creatures there, such as Fishes, Tank Cleaners, Star Fishes, Crabs, Hermit Crabs, Clams etc. The vast number of rocks placed closely might be the reason for this high diversity of sea creatures. A lot of creatures have made it their home I guess.

Beautiful Dondra Beach


Clam on a rock

Clam on a rock

On the beach also, there are an immense number of shells of Clams. It will be a nice experience for kids if you accompany them.

Hermit Crab on hand

Hermit Crab on rock

Watch the below video I have shared on my YouTube channel from a previous visit to Dondra Lighthouse.

How to Reach…

Refer the map below for the exact location of the Lighthouse.

So that is about the Dondra Lighthouse. If you ever visit Matara, make sure you visit this place. It takes very little time to visit the place and the time is totally worth it. The number of foreign travellers who visit Matara is gradually increasing over the time. There are number of places to visit in Matara, including this one. Also, you won’t find it hard to find an accommodation there. Click here if you would like to find an accommodation in Matara.

And if I will ever be able to go to the top again, I will surely share the experience with you.

Lighthouse in Dondra

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Further, the ‘Southmost Point’ in Sri Lanka is situated so close to the Dondra Lighthouse (450m from it). I haven’t visited there, but you might consider covering that place also. If you have any questions or if you need more information, just leave a comment below. See in the next article.

Survey Point at Dondra Lighthouse
A benchmark of Survey Department situated in the Lighthouse premises.

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