Bellanwila Park – Nice Place to Spend an Evening

Bellanwila Park, which is situated in Boralesgamuwa, Colombo, is little different than the other parks we have talked about up to now in Sri Lanka. It is not a natural park or nature themed park. The main features of this park are the walking track and bicycle track. But it is a lot more than that. It is really a nice place to spend the evening with family or friends in Colombo.

Bellanwila Park

There are several parks like this in Colombo area. This one is situated in Bellanwila, Boralesgamuwa. The park is built surrounding the ‘Weras Lake’. The walking path goes around both ‘Weras Lake’ and ‘Pillawa Temple’. And it is more than 3km in length.

Bellanwila Park

Locals in Colombo know about this place very well. And hundreds or thousands come here to for running, jogging, cycling and skating every day. But it is hard to find any foreigner here. I have seen a number of forum posts of foreigners asking for advice about things to do in Colombo, especially at night. Visiting this very place is an interesting thing to do in Colombo at night.

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You can even rent bicycles here. Bicycles are available in all the sizes and types.

Evening sight at Bellanwila Park

Other than running, jogging, cycling and skating, you can have a long walk around the lake. When the sun is setting, it is a very relaxing thing walking here. If you are tired walking, you can have a seat here on concrete benches at the food court. And have something to eat or drink. There are a variety of foods and beverages in a number of shops.

Food Court of the Park
Food Court (there is another wing of food court)
Concrete tables and benches at food court
View from RoofTop

The above picture is taken from a rooftop of the food court. There are two separate rooftops. The sight from there is really beautiful. Plus rooftop is more and romantic than the ground.:)

How to Reach…?

Refer the below map to find the exact location of the Bellanwila Park.

Parking spaces are available there. But due to high number of visitors, sometimes it is hard to find a spot to park a vehicle here.

Parking spaces at the park

In the night, when all the (solar powered) street lamps are on, it is very nice sight to see the park. The whole walking path is lit by street lights.

Street lights at park

So that is about Bellanwila Park. You might also like to read about Diyatha Uyana, which is a similar kind of (more beautiful) park in Colombo, and Beddagana Wetland Park, which is a real wetland in Colombo.

Feel free to ask anything in the comments below. See you in the next article.

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