Crow Island Beach Park

Hi guys, hope you are doing well. I have taken you to several parks nearby Colombo city such as Beddagana Wetland Park, Diyatha Uyana and Bellanwila Park (Weras Ganga Park). There are some parks within the Colombo City even, like Viharamahadevi Park. Today I’m going to take you to a such park situated in Colombo City. That is Crow Island Beach Park, situated in Modara, Colombo 15.

Crow Island Beach Park

Crow Island Beach Park is developed as a public park in the recent past. It is next to the outfall of the Kelani River. The park is spread over a large area. To be exact, it is 17 acres.

Map of Crow Island Beach Park
Map of the Park

What You Will Find in Crow Island Beach Park?

Not just the beach, the park consist of many more things such as walking tracks, small fresh-water lake, play area for children, shops, etc.

Crow Island Beach Park

Benches of Crow Island Beach Park

Number of benches are placed at the entrance under trees, allowing people to have a seat and a chat. This wide open area has allowed parents to let the kids play and keep watching them out.

Sandy Footpaths

There are lots of both small and large scale shops along the park. You can see some the small shops in the above picture. Toys, beverages, snacks and various types of food are available in them. Even some large-scale restaurants are placed inside Crow Island Beach Park.

Crow Island Beach Park

Crow Island Beach Park

The large open grassy area is ideal for playing. You will also find some horse carts and horses available for riding. Being situated by the sea, the park is also an ideal place for kiting. Some heavy wind can be witnessed there.


Small ones are not neglected; they have also taken into account in Crow Beach Island. There is a large children’s play area also.

Crow Island Beach Park

OK, Now Let’s Move Towards the Sea…

Timber Deck

A large projected timber deck is made to observe the sea. It is a nice place to spend some time.

Crow Island Beach Park

Footpath by Sea

Another interesting thing is, you can see a part of the Colombo Port from Crow Beach Island. Ships can be clearly observed coming in and going out of the port.

Colombo Port

Colombo Port

PLEASE DO NOTE THAT THE SEA IS NOT SUITABLE FOR BATHING. It is clearly mentioned there that sea can be dangerous. Some deaths are also reported there of those who have ignored this warning. So please refrain from bathing in sea there.

Warning Sign

As you can see in the map also, there are a lot more in Crow Island Beach Park, such as walking tracks, cycling track, mangroves, a fresh-water lake, nature conserved area, etc. So it is a mix of several ecosystems. I witnessed them all, but Unfortunately I don’t have images of them. But if you visit there, make sure to see them all.

Large parking space is available at a side of the park. You won’t face any difficulty finding a spot to park your vehicle.

How to Reach…?

So, if you would like to visit the place, here is the exact location.

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Park Name Board
I guess you have figured out why this place is called Crow Island Beach Park.

So, that is about Crow Island Beach Park in Modara. Let me know if you have anything to be clarified. See you in the next article.

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