Diyasaru Park – Another Urban Wetland

We have talked about some wetlands around Colombo City, such as genuine wetlands like Beddagana Wetland Park and developed wetlands like Diyatha Uyana. Diyasaru Park in Thawathugoda is another beautiful wetland park situated closed to Colombo City. Even though it is a man made wetland park, once you get in there, you won’t feel such thing.

Diyasaru Park

The word ‘Diyasaru’ means ‘water rich’ in Sinhalese. The park is situated next to Diyawanna Oya, on Japan friendship road. It is the opposite side of Diyawanna Oya, to the side where Beddagana Wetland Park is situated. The park is extended to about 60 acres. It is an ideal place to get away from the busy and harsh life in the city.

History of Diyasaru Park

Before admiring the beauty, let’s look into the history of Diyasaru Park briefly. Before 1980, this place was a paddy field. But during the construction period of the new Parliament, the land was acquired and used to dump dredged material from that project. After the construction of the Parliament, the land has become a marshy land and so it was neglected.

Then invasive plants had begun to invade the marshy land and slowly it has become a wetland. During the flood in 2010, the authorities have identified the importance of the management of the wetlands, and a decision has taken to further develop this area as a wetland. The land has been divided into several islands, and canals have been made. With heavy moderation the land has been converted to a complete and beautiful wetland. That is how Diyasaru Park was born.

Cormorant with Prey

Diyasaru Park
Study Center

Let’s Take a Walk Inside

Now I will take you around the park.

Notice at Diyasaru Park
The first thing you have to remember
Diyasaru Park
These are some resting huts at the entrance.

Resting Birds

There are lot features inside Diyasaru Park facilitating visitors to have a nice experience.

Study Center

Diyasaru Park

There are two large huts right after the entrance which are dedicated to studying and group sessions. Diyasaru Park is more concerned to facilitate studies on bio-diversity and wetland management. Therefore, workshops and seminars are held inside the park in the regular basis. These two huts are used for such kind of gatherings. Outsiders can also reserve this place for an event, and it hasn’t to be related bio-diversity or environmental.

Diyasaru Park

Boat Rides

Boat rides are available at Diyasaru Park. As I told you earlier, the land was divided into islands and canals were created in the development of this park. Those canals allow having a nice boat ride around the park. And If you want to observe the whole park, you definitely have to have a boat ride, since the footpaths don’t cover the whole park. The trip duration is said to be 45 minutes.

Boat Yard at Diyasaru Park
Boat Yard

(If you are planning have a boat ride, make sure give them call first and inquire. Because, in my last visit, it seems like the boat yard is not functioning anymore.)

Diyasaru Park
This kind of information boards can be all around the park.

Vivid Dragonfly

Lots of types of Dragon Flies can be seen there. According to the management, there are 27 species.

Fishing Cat

This guy scared me out a lot. It is a statue of a Fishing Cat, and it symbolizes the real Fishing Cat living here. But it is said to be very hard to see him since he usually comes out at night. There are also an Otter and a Crocodile living here.

Diyasaru Park

Lonely Fellow

Timber footpaths are created to walk over water and marsh. The surrounding is really relaxing.

Bird Hide

This is the first of this kind I heard in Sri Lanka. It is a camouflaged shelter built to observe birds closely without disturbing their natural behaviors.

Bird Hide at Diyasaru Park

Next to this bird hide is a waterlogged area with a lot of bird activities. By staying inside this hut, you can observe them though the little holes created. If you have proper gear, this place is perfect for bird photography.

Black and White Birds
This shot is taken from this Bird Hide. I have a very primitive zoom lens, and this is all it can do.

Bird Watching Tower

Since Diyasaru Park is a wetland, more concentration is given to observe birds. Bird Watching Tower is another facility you are provided to watch them.

Diyasaru Park

There is a large waterlogged area in front of this two-storied observation tower. Again, if you have proper gear (which I don’t have), this place is also ideal for Bird Photography.

Fishing Hut

Birds at Diyasaru Park

Butterfly Garden

On the other side of the park, the Butterfly Garden is situated. You can find numerous kinds of butterflies there. According to the park management, there are 80 species.

Beautiful Butterfly

There are some more in Diyasaru Park.

  • An Organic Farm – A Traditional farm without chemicals
  • A Laboratory – A place to investigate soil and water

With all those, Diyasaru Park is a beautiful and informative place. I would say it is a must visit place is Colombo. To view the full set of (larger) images, click on the banner below.

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How to Reach…?

Here is the exact location of Diyasaru Park.

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I you are going to visit, you don’t have to worry about parking spaces. Plenty of parking spaces are available at Diyasaru Park.

Car Park at Diyasaru Park
As I told you earlier also, the management is renting the park for workshops & seminars, corporate events and meetings and photo & video shootings. Further, night visits can also be arranged with prior approvals. Visit their fb page for contact information.

So that is about Diyasaru Park, and I really recommend this place to visit. If you need further information, feel free to leave a comment. I am really happy to help you.

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