Hunas Falls – A Beauty in Matale

Hi guys, hope you are doing well. Today I will be taking you to a waterfall in central province. Hunas Falls, which is situated in Elkaduwa, Matale, is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka.

Hunas Falls

First of all I don’t know why people are spelling it as ‘Hunas Falls’, because the actual pronunciation is ‘Hunnas Falls’, short for ‘Hunnasgiriya Waterfall’. Anyhow, I will also use the word ‘Hunas Falls’.

According to Wikipedia, the waterfall is 125ft high and created from a stream from Hunnasgiriya Peak.

Hunas Falls from front

How to Reach…?

As I have already mentioned, the Hunas Falls is situated in Elkaduwa Village. If you are coming from Kandy, there are about 25km and if you are coming from Matale, there are about 21km. Either way, you have to travel about 3km off the road to reach the waterfall. Refer below map for the exact location.

And the waterfall is situated on the way from Kandy to Sembuwatta Lake, an amazing place to visit (I will be talking about it soon).

You can go close to the waterfall by vehicles and from there you have to walk a little. There is a vehicle park at the entrance. And you will have to buy an Entrance ticket.

Hunas Falls from far
The view of Hunas Falls from a distance

Hunas Falls

Side view of Hunas Falls

On the way to the falls, there is a built pool from the water of the waterfall. You might want to have a bath there also. After a few steps, you will reach the waterfall. It is a beautiful sight.

Hunas Falls

You will notice that apart from the main stream, there are few more tiny streams falling from the rock.

Hunas Falls and the mini waterfall

Hunas Falls and the mini waterfall

Mini waterfall

It is said that, in rainy season, the little streams also become clearly visible. And sometimes the main stream and the little ones are merged as one large waterfall.

Hunas Falls
A ‘slow shutter’ capture of Hunas Falls

The famous hotel ‘Amaya Hunas Falls‘ is also situated so close to the falls. You have to travel a bit more passing the falls to reach that.

So that is about Hunas Falls or Hunnas Falls (or Hunnasgiriya Falls). If you anything more to know just leave a comment below. See you in the next article.

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