Kanniya Hot Springs

Hi guys, hope you are doing well. I have a lot of places with historical and archeological values to show you from my last trip. But, instead continuing on that field, today let’s talk about a different place. You might have read my article on Madunagala Hot Springs. Today also I am going to tell you about a Hot Water Spring. That is Kanniya Hot Springs situated in Trincomalee District.

Entrance of Kanniya Hot Springs
Entrance of Kanniya Hot Springs

Unlike Madunagala Hot Water Springs, here are seven hot springs. The temperature of each spring is slightly different from others. Anyhow, all the springs are considerably hot. The set of springs is covered and a platform is built for ease of use.

(I’m so sorry that I have taken the wrong lens for the camera to Kanniya Hot Springs. I have taken the ‘telephoto lens’, so the whole set of springs couldn’t be captured in a single photo.)

kanniya hot springs

kanniya hot springs

kanniya hot springs

History of Kanniya Hot Springs

According to local beliefs, the history of Kanniya Hot Springs was dated back so long ago to the era of King Ravana (a king who is said to rule Sri Lanka in prehistoric era). And later it has been belonged to a Buddhist Monastery. The monks have used the hot springs as a part of the monastery. The ruins of the said monastery can still be seen around the springs. Unfortunately, most of the artifacts have been destroyed by LTTE cadres during the terrorist war in Sri Lanka. Refer Wikipedia for more details.

kanniya hot springs

kanniya hot springs

How to Reach…?

If you would like to visit Kanniya Hot Springs, here is the exact location.

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Hot Water Springs in Sri Lanka

For more details on hot springs (ex. how they occur?), read my previous article on Madunagala Hot Water Spring. There are several hot springs in Sri Lanka, on the Eastern half. Such as,

  • Kanniya
  • Madunagala
  • Rankihiriya
  • Nelum Wewa
  • Mutugalwela/ Gurukubura
  • Mahaoya
  • Wahawa
  • Kapurella
  • Kivulegama

(Source : Hot Springs of Sri Lanka)

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The above pictures are of some stalls at the entrance of Kanniya Hot Springs. And also be noted that parking spaces are available there.

So that is about Kanniya Hot Springs. If you need more information, feel free to leave a message below.

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