Kotmale Dam – An Eye Catching Sight in Kandy

Hi all, hope you are doing well. As I promised you in the last post, I will take you to somewhere in Kandy by this article (and by next few articles). The Central Hills is the home for a number of large scale hydro-power plants. Their reservoirs always create beautiful sights. Among them, the Kotmale Power Station is the second largest Hydro-Power Station in Sri Lanka. I’ll take you to the scenic Kotmale Dam today.

View from Kotmale Dam

According to Wikipedia, construction of Kotmale Dam has been started on August 1979 and completed on February 1985. For more details refer Wikipedia.

Kotmale Dam

Closer view of Kotmale Dam
A Closer look from the rear side

Unlike most of other dams, Kotmale Dam is a linear one. The Dam is 600m in length and provides a beautiful view of the Kotmale Reservoir along its path.

Kotmale Reservoir

Kotmale Reservoir

The reservoir and the mountain range behind it is a really nice sight to catch. If there is no mist you will be able see Kotmale Reservoir up to a long distance.

The spillways are situated in a corner of the dam.

Spillway of Kotmale Dam
The Three Spillways

Kotmale Dam

You can see that the water level at that time is very low. The sad thing is, due to the slight rain, I couldn’t take many photos. That is why I couldn’t take pictures of the other side of the dam.

The place is owned and operated by Mahaweli Authority. Kotmale Dam is a priceless product of the ‘Mahaweli Development Programme’.

Name Plaque of Kotmale Dam

Logo of Mahaweli Authority
Logo of Mahaweli Authority

There is another beautiful thing you can see there, that is Mahaweli Maha Seya (a stupa).

View of Mahaweli Maha Seeya from Kotmale Dam

It is about 3km away from the dam, situated on a hill. I will take you there in an upcoming article.

How to Reach…?

If you are interested in visiting Kotmale Dam, here is the exact location.

There are about 37km from Kandy town.

So that’s about Kotmale Dam. If you have any doubt or have anything to get clarified, feel free to leave a comment below. See you in the next article.

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