Sri Lankan Paintings – A Street of Art

Hi all, hope you are doing well. Today you might feel like the topic is out of the scope, no, not really. I’m not going to talk about Sri Lankan Paintings, instead I’m going to tell you about an interesting place where you can see and buy amazing Sri Lankan Paintings. To be exact, it is not a specific place, it is a short road and you will find a lot of beautiful paintings.

Nude girl painting

How to Reach…?

I’ll start with the location where you will find these paintings. It is the ‘Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha (road)’, Colombo 07. Refer the map below.

You can see in the map, that the ‘National Art Gallery’ is also situated in this very road. That might be a reason for painters to settle down here to sell their paintings. It is like an open art gallery.

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Paintings of vehicles

There are a lot of painting sellers along the road. Some of the paintings are their own paintings and some are other’s paintings. There is no any stalls or any kind of structures, they just sell the paintings on the sidewalk of the road. That is why it is an interesting experience to visit and buy paintings from there. At the end of the day, they take the paintings away from vehicles.

King Coconut seller painting

Sri Lankan Paintings

A lot of people visit there to observe and buy paintings. Numbers of foreigners also spotted among them. They seemed very interested to observe Sri Lankan paintings.

painting of fishermen

fishermen painting

Lots of types of Paintings

I have no knowledge about paintings, but it is clearly visible that there are numbers of styles of paintings. They seem so much different from each other. Some people tend to decorate the interior of their houses with these paintings.

Sri Lankan Paintings

Sri Lankan Paintings

loving couple painting

Sri Lankan Paintings of Ancient Eras

Further, there are paintings which are drawn according to styles that belongs to ancient eras of Sri Lanka.

Kandy Paintings
This one is drawn according to the style of ‘Kandy era’. You can see this kind of paintings in ancient Buddhist temples at Kandy.
Sigiri Paintings
This painting resembles the world famous Sigiri Paintings, which belongs to ‘Anuradhapura era’.

You have most probably seen the above image before. It is the world famous Sigiri Paintings drawn on the Sigiriya rock, which was a fortress one time. The painter here has made an almost perfect replica of that.

Kids’ Paintings

I saw an interesting thing there. There are some paintings which seem to be drawn by kids. They may not be actually drawn by kids, but they are drawn to be looking like that. See the image below.

kids' paintings

Religious Paintings

Further, there are some beautiful paintings related to religions as well.

Lord Buddha painting

meditating monk painting

Jesus painting

Even though you don’t want to buy paintings, just visit this place. Walk along the road observing these paintings, it will be a unique experience for sure.

dancing woman painting

sri lankan paintings

Nude girl painting

fishermen painting

Make sure you visit the Image Gallery below to see the complete set of images of paintings.

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So we discussed something different today. If you have any doubts or if have anything to be clarified, just leave a comment below. I’m more than happy to help you. See in the next article. Good bye!

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